About Us



FH Conservation is a manufacturer of professional equipment for cultural collection protection,which was founded in 2002 in Zhengzhou, the captal city of Henan Province.

Our solutions are used by LAMs (libraries, archives and museums) to create safe air for the protection of every cultural collection(our mission).

In 2002, the company started its first project with The Palace Museum. Zhengzhou Fenghua has served conservation in China for over 20 years since then. 

Currently 75 staff, a 15,000 square meters factory.



Solutions based on costumers needs,included Design & testing before producing,Make customized production,Installation instructions & services,Maintainance, problem tracking,Marketing and promotion,Sharing the profit of the contract,Free services such as sensors, software development, grant writing at the beginning. 


FH Conservation has rich experience in designing and manufacturing  complex mechanical systems for more than 30 years. We started up  from the industrial field and deeply developed in the cultural conservation area in rencent 10 years.

We are good at Environmental Management Services.

Every year, our team makes over 200  assessment reports for different museums, libraries and archives to help them raise money for the future improvement of the preservation environment.

Wish list

We hope to join your mission——Supporting the preservation of cultural heritage collections in libraries, archives, and museums around the world.

Help more small institutions to make their own assessment for optimizing and improving.

Create more professional equipments for image conservation, especially for small institutio.

Improve the convenience of the datalogger by embracing new IOT technology.


We have successful experience in China. We achieved 60 million RMB revenue last year.

There are totally near 200,000 museums, libaries and archives in North America. We project to achieve 20 million dollar annual revenue in North America market within 5 years and build a team with around 15 employees.