Pulling and Dyeing Machine

Video Introduction

Product Introduction

In the restoration of paper collections, the dyeing process requires a specific temperature to ensure the uniformity of its coloring. The equipment can maintain the temperature of the dye for a long time. Paper can be pulled by the machine to make it pass through the dye solution at a constant speed.



l  The base of the machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel plate as a whole, which is high-strength and corrosion-resistant.

l  The fuselage is made of Q235-A cold-rolled steel, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed.

l  The transmission mode is worm gear + synchronous belt transmission mechanism, which does not slip and has high self-locking performance.

l  The sink heating component is a 24V silicone heat tape, which is safe for people.

l  Using the latest temperature control technology to ensure precise temperature control.

l  The motor is a 24V DC brushless speed-adjustable motor, which adopts PWM regulation technology to control the speed steplessly and accurately.